This year will be the 14th year of Guildford’s very successful Walking Festival, which covers the whole month of September. Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions we considered long and hard on whether to run the festival this year and what sort of activities would be appropriate.

The Committee feels that walking is more important than ever, during these troubled times, for everyone’s physical and mental well-being. Therefore, we felt it was important to continue with the festival, but keeping strictly in line with Government guidance on hygeine & social distancing.

As always YOUR SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT, which means Walkfest will be very different this year.


Despite being safer in open air, we ask you to take responsibility for your own safety and bring sanitiser, perhaps gloves and consider whether to wear a mask.

The Walkfest team feel that walks must be safe, socially distanced and consist of up to 15 attendees plus leader and back marker. This allows larger groups than previously anticipated but also enables us to easily break out 3 groups of 5 plus leader if the guidance changes.

All participants will have to pre-book their walks and Guildford TIC has agreed to manage bookings for walks where specific groups do not have their own booking processes. This will be made clear in the walk detail.

Clearly, it is difficult to organise a socially distanced walk with good hygiene precautions with the challenges of meeting / passing other members of the public without inconveniencing them. Please, therefore, heed the advice of your walk leader for your own safety.

We are incredibly grateful for the continued sponsorship and support by Bevan Wilson Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinics, C&H Marketing, Experience Guildford, Surrey Hills Society, Guildford Tourist Information Centre and Guildford Borough Council.

Thank you for your understanding...Keep Walking!