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Just two weeks to go!

Well, Walkfest 2021 is approaching fast! We have lots of walks of all sorts for you to enjoy - and quite a few people have already been signing up for them. Make sure that you book your places well ahead of time so that you don’t find the walk list full.

In recent weeks, many of us have been out walking to check routes and, generally, to enjoy the exercise, scenery and social interactions that you will have the opportunity to share with us during Walkfest.

My own walking routes encompass not only Guildford Borough but, through the Surrey Hills Society, walks right across our rural areas. One of my favourites is probably the area above East Clandon and West Horsley where there is a mix of chalk grassland and open woodland on The Sheepleas plus the heathland of Netley Heath along the crown of the hills. Where else can one pass through such different habitats in the course of a single mornings walking and have the pleasure of almost all the route being off road using footpaths, bridleways, permissive tracks and, of course, the North Downs Way across the heath.

We all have our favourite routes and it is easy to fall into the habit of just doing the same ones over and over again. There’s nothing wrong with that because the whole experience changes dependent on weather, season, time of day or even just our mood. But how about using Walkfest to expand your knowledge of other routes and areas so that you can find new places to add to your list of regular destinations or favourite views.

I hope that we will get the chance to meet you all during the many walks being organised for September. In the meantime, enjoy your walking and our glorious scenery.

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