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Our Wonderful Sponsors (pt1)

Of course, Walkfest would survive without our sponsors, walking is after all fun and free...however, without them we would be unable to raise the profile of the event through posters, flyers, our website and even the lovely pink tabards that our walk leaders model so beautifully.

We would like to begin by saying hello to our newest supporter, the wonderful Genesis Group, in association with Vitality Life Insurance...

There can be few organisations that value exercise and healthy living more than Vitality, it is incorporated into everything that they do and of course we are delighted to be associated in some small way with one of the largest sponsors of UK and International sport in the world.

The aim of Genesis is to help individuals achieve their financial goals and as their local representative, Nathan Du Pisanie explains, encouraging clients to keep fit and active is a key part of their service.

‘We actually reward our clients for physical activity, the more exercise they do, the more rewards they earn, we appreciate that staying active is vital to a long and fulfilling life and we are committed to help in any way possible’

To discuss how Genesis, in association with Vitality, can help you and your family, please email Nathan for a free, no obligation chat about their services.

Welcome aboard Nathan!

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