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Silent Really is Golden

Even on those days when there isn't a Walkfest event that appeals to you, there is mystery and beauty to be found nearby...

Imagine the scene, as the sun sets over the stunning Surrey Hills, every leaf on every tree takes on the familiar burnt umber hue that can only ever mean one thing.

Autumn has arrived.

The dappled sunlight reflects the apparent stillness of the water in a location that has barely changed in hundreds of years, welcome to the Silent Pool, ‘the most haunted place in Surrey.

Between Dorking and Guildford, close to the picture postcard village of Shere lies Albury, home to the world-famous Silent Pool Gin Distillery, and the spring-fed pool that inspired the design of its iconic, and highly collectible bottles.

Legend has it that each and every night, the ghost of a wood cutters daughter visits the pool, a girl tragically drowned while bathing as a result of the attentions of a man of high-born stock.

The nobleman, who many believe to be King John, chanced upon the scene on horseback, forcing the maiden to seek concealment in the deeper part of the water, where she drowned. The King made no effort to save the girl, and so she remains forever at the Silent Pool.

While we can’t guarantee a spectral visitation, walkers are sure of some splendid views across the Surrey Hills as they take a gentle stroll around the area of the Silent Pool. Albury Organic Vineyard forms part of the boundary to the pool, and other delights include the opportunity to visit Mandira’s Kitchen, home to a wonderful, covered patio area serving all sorts of Indian delights.

Whether you are ghost spotting, gin buying or simply enjoying an afternoon walk, there’s plenty to see and do at the Silent Pool.

Free parking is available, but please note that it can become busy, particularly at weekends.

So, go along, see for yourself what all the fuss is about, and treat yourself to something special this September.

Special Walkfest Offer

Throughout September, walkers can enjoy a piping hot Chai and a delicious Samosa for just £5.00, thanks to our lovely friends at Mandira’s Kitchen!

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