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Walking benefits mental health and wellbeing

For this edition of the blog I am pleased to have our local Walking for Health organiser as a guest contributor.

Guildford Walking for Health is very proud to be part of the Guildford Walkfest every year in September. We are happy to help people get fit with our FREE easy short walks led by trained volunteers.

Many of us know that we would benefit from more exercise, but only about a third of UK adults reach the recommended level of physical activity – 30 minutes five times a week – and many of us do virtually nothing at all.

'Exercise' is too often seen as going to the gym or taking part in organised sports – potentially time-consuming and expensive hobbies when so many of us are cash-strapped and time-poor. However, reaching the recommended levels can often be achieved with significantly less effort, inconvenience and expense – get walking!

Why not join one of your nearest Walking for Health walk groups for a friendly walk and talk and help beat the blues. A quick one-hour walk with new friends and you’ll return home, energised and ready to tackle the day.

The health benefits are greatest for brisk walking – slow enough still to be able to talk, but too fast to sing – but even just pottering for 10,000 steps a day can have benefits. Walking helps to keep weight down, and can also help to control blood-sugar levels, reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke, lower blood pressure, increase life expectancy and reduce pain for people with arthritis.

Walking can also make you feel better, relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety – particularly walking outside in green spaces. We are so fortunate in Guildford to have so many beautiful green spaces, with walks offering views, stunning scenery along the River Wey, abundant woodland, sandy heath and marshy areas.

Guildford Walking for Health offers five walks a week, from the Boxgrove shops, Worplesdon Place, Seahorse Inn Shalford, Shere Recreation car-park, and also on Whitmoor Common from the Jolly Farmer. See all the walks:

You can also contact us at

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