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What a wonderful week

Well, what a wonderful week of walks it’s been. The Town Guides have done us proud with several walks having varying themes, the Ramblers have put on some longer walks and the Surrey Hills Society have given us mid-length informative walks – with a large dose of waterside activity. Meanwhile, the Long Distance Walkers Association have hosted a walk and our friends from Send Evangelical Church have helped us explore Send.

On Tuesday, Farnham Walker led the first stage of our long distance walk towards Winchester with us covering the 12 miles from Guildford to Farnham (good training for our Sponsored Walk on Saturday 18th September – don’t forget to book that or, at least sponsor us all at

But for me, the highlight has to have been The Chairmans Walk around Albury Heath and Shere which took place today (Saturday 11th). We had 18 people turn up for it and most of them were new to Walkfest. They had a real treat. As with the rest of the season, so far, we had mild and dry weather with a bit of sunshine. But we also had a fascinating route through heathland and around Shere, with lots of information from the Walkfest volunteers and others. That’s one of the things that makes Walkfest more than just a walk from A to B.

And then ….. at the end of the walk, ten of us settled down on Albury Heath for a relaxed picnic only to discover that it was the birthday of one of our guest walkers. Out came the prosecco and strawberries to accompany the normal picnic fare. I’m fairly certain that was a first for a Walkfest walk!

A big “thank you” to all our walk leaders and other volunteers who have made the week so successful and enjoyable. Oh, and another big “thank you” to the birthday girl who shared her prosecco with us!

I look forward to catching up with many of you for our next walks. Now, what can we do to cap this week?

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