Such Wonderful Views...

August 28, 2019

One of the wonderful features of walking in Guildford and around the Borough is that we have some stunning views. 


Looking down the High Street, across the river and up to the downs beyond, gives a reminder that Guildford really is a town on the edge of the countryside.  Heading up to the top of that view near Henley Fort and looking back from there provides a superb view over Guildford Cathedral and towards the Thames Valley basin.  Walk 100m or so from Henley fort to the other side of the ridge and you are looking out over the downs towards Compton and the North Downs Way.




Head east of Guildford towards the Chantries and St Martha’s Hill and the scenery changes yet again – this time with the Tillingbourne valley to delight the eye.  Wander a little further and, if the walk up to St Martha’s hasn’t already reminded you of the reason why they are called the Surrey Hills, we come to Newlands Corner with panoramic views across the downs.


The beauty of our Borough is partly that the scene changes each time you round a corner or look in a different direction.  And, of course, the view is very different dependent on whether you are on the lower land looking towards a hill or, instead, have climbed to the upper slopes to look out towards a distant horizon.


Walkfest, this year, includes numerous walks that take in the stunning views across the area.  Choose a walk from Puttenham Camping Barn, a stroll along part of The Fox Way from Clandon up to the ridge and then down to Shere or perhaps the Walking for Health event exploring Merrow and Pewley Downs   There are various walks that take you along parts of the North Downs Way – including an evening one to allow views of the area at night. 


And, of course, there is our sponsored walk in aid of Guildford Street Angels which will follow this pilgrimage route from Guildford to Dorking.


Whatever walks you choose to join, you can be sure of some wonderful scenery and inspiring views. So join in, Keep Healthy, Keep Walking

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